Jan 1, 2009


I was offered scotch today and i refused!!!!!

This is some good start I suppose....:)

I don't like such changes but sometimes you need to change... as I have mentioned before in one of my early posts.... NEED OF THE MOMENT V/S MOMENT.

A common myth does recommend to drink and enjoy as it is the start of the year but the moment suddenly felt so pious that I refused... Anyways it feels good whenever you do something which strengthens your will power.

I could feel a change in the temperature around and suddenly the air seems to be less polluted. Probably 2009 has seriously arrived for me. Was waiting for this.

Was on phone with Anu while the clock struck 12:00 and we both were confused as the noise outside in both the places suggested celebrations but we both didn't have a time piece in front of us. Later on after realizing that THE NEW YEAR has arrived we both wished each other and I continued with my studies..

About RESOLUTIONS, I haven't given that any thought yet and probably won't indulge in it. "ALL THE PROMISES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN AND ALL THE NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS ARE THE LIES SPOKEN!!"...that was good....;)

some Hindi poet said this someday.....

"नए साल की खुशी में,
पुराने को भुला देना,
ये साल भी कभी पुराना हो जाएगा,
उसे ये एहसास दिला देना

पिछले साल में जो किया,
उसकी यादों को सीढी बना,
नए साल की नई यादें बना लेना"...

but who is the poet???.....
it is me....;).... who else???...:o
and I am saying this today....:)

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