Dec 11, 2008

R&F sing!!!

"I promise you will get old
I promised you everything
To protect you wherever you go
I'll give you this diamond ring

Just promise you will remember
A promise should last forever
Right up to the dying embers
Of a fire that burns so slow

Ya they do sing.... sing along with Badly Drawn Boy.......
they sing while they work....
they sing while they sleep...
they sing while they think....
they sing while they speak....
they sing along with Badly Drawn Boy....

"And sometimes you just have to walk away
Sometimes you just have to walk away
Wishing today was yesterday
Yeah, sometimes you just have to walk away

R & F sing together with Badly Drawn Boy.... feeling the depth of the song..... hope everyone feels the same and sings when listening to it.....:)

GOD KEEP US IN TOUCH WITH GOOD MUSIC.... (every noise which seems pretty is not music).....


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