Oct 30, 2008

faKIR RASPUTIN....21.6.....I WAS SAFE...


I was behaving absurdly. Why? Don’t ask me. I won’t answer!!!

There was a curse which didn’t allow me to sleep. I woke up the whole night. Played guitar, sang something and got myself dissolved amongst the four walls.

Was there light anywhere?

I tried to find out. Moved at night searching for the sun in the dark clouds.

Drove through the night.


What should I do?

Where should I go?

To find peace,

Some sleep at least?


Whom should I speak to?

Who will understand me?

Who is going to help me out?

Is it you? Is it you?

My eyes asked everyone the same question.


I shouted

Cried for peace.


The moment as I remember,

Was something unnatural,

I fell on my knees,

Looked towards him,

He was not moving,

Had no emotions,

He was still,



Still in the frame,

But he was talking

He did talk to me,

He whispered something..



He didn’t want me to cry,

To plead,

To ask for help,

He wanted faith,

Faith on him.



I fell down

When I woke up.

It was like rising

Rise from everything.

Rise to meet him..



He still was still,

Waiting for me……..


I cried again

This time cause I could see him,
see my savior


He held me I was safe



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