Nov 8, 2007


so fucking sick of using the same color again and again...but can`t help...i have got this great habit of viewing the one side of remains joyous for me always!!!

I do go into the blues frequently but come out with force cause i sure believe that our stay here is very short and any shitty cause however big it is, if bothering, is neither worth a penny nor a second!!!

But ya!! I am still searching for some AIM of my life...can`t just go on kicking the books and the jobs....what do i really want??....I have discovered one thing from all my experiences and all that i have read and heard...there is nothing called HAPPINESS existing in this world!!!..Recalling Athena`s speech in "The Witch of Portbello".."we should be concerned about joy, joy is like starts and it ends!"....This sure gives some substance to be thought!!!

Where am I going to find joy??

options i put in front of myself:-

1. continue my studies in the same direction and become somekind of technocrat....
2. get along with what my father suggested...about setting up a business of my own....
3. change my way completely...the one i pursuing since past 6 years and get into some thing i would love to do!!!

The third one i would love to consider first.....but then the question...what will i love???

U know it is not always great .... leave is never great to be "jack of all trades and master of none!"..

I love music, i love to express myself in sketches, i like animations, i can be good in some public relation thing.....

How to select??...As Osho says..."just stay calm and let the creation decide what it has to do with you and you will get what it plans!!"...
But what to do ... just sit and watch ... the creation treating me as a football??...No...I can`t take this risk...

I will have to plan my life in a more sincere manner....I don`t want the so called creation to decide things for me just to keep some kind of balance!!!...(no hard comments against BHAGWAAN RAJNEESH...he was great and he will remain so!!!)


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