Oct 26, 2007

Who says you can`t go home...courtsey: Bon jovi!!

yes!!! this is what i want to say to everyone lost somewhere..."Who says you can`t go home?"....A perfect song for people who have just forgot themselves cause of few acquaintances in this life...some bad moments...nothing changes...just remember yourself...forget every bad thing as a scary nightmare and run!!!
Everything will be fine!!

One thing i am noticing about myself is that i am again regaining social nature....i again see people around me...i have again become a crowd attractor!!...(touch wood!!!)

Faced some serious comments from many around and i don`t know why....i mean should i go and tell them that listen for you people i even kept fasts ... prayed and cried...but as "A" said...they will laugh at it, making a joke out of everything...So i will just wait and watch and probably one day...they will face the same when someone does the same...I really believe everything that the song "what goes around comes around" by Justin wants to deliver.

No hard feelings for her...she was always a pillar for me and whatever i wrote to her was out of anger...but i will stick to it this time...cause may be the whole thing gave me a clear view of what she actually thinks and what she pretends!!!

Fuck!! I am again losing myself and at this time...when i should actually sleep...

Let me talk about something good...as I said i am regaining myself...and i am living every moment...I never thought it was so easy to live and live happily...I am still the same...I still add my responsibilities, talk to myself, listen to the "give up life" kind of song...but now they are so beautiful!!!


Aloha for now!!!:)

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