Oct 31, 2007


it`s so sickening...the facts of life,
the rush in blood,
the outbreak of thoughts,
the dryness of heart,
suffocation of lungs,
somewhere it is destiny,
somewhere the pain inflicted,

ending up in a deathbed ...
deathbed made up of flowers...
the sweet fragrance,
the cozy comfort,
the heavenly silence!!!

I was never harsh ... then too named like that by few ... not a bluffer .. then too understood in the ways ... but finally what matters is ... "am i really so submissive to some stupid opinions generated by some fucked up people`s ruthless minds??"...

Then i think..why this happened to me ever??..it`s so easy for all to laugh at me .. and the best ... the partners in crime are the ones who love to do that ... i don`t exactly care about them .. but then i don`t know .. whether i should ask for a punishment for them .. or should i continue praying for them ??...

Anyways i have seen a lot of people around me facing the same and some faking the same...lol!!!...will i ever forgive her???..lol...lol...lol...i mean them??...lol..lol..lol...

Q. What will you do if you ever meet her in future??

A.(brain):- make her life miserable hence forth after meeting!!!!

A.(heart):- just say "who are you?"...and continue your walk!!!!

Q. Was she always wrong??

A.(brain):- Fucking yes!! cause she was always a fake!!!

A.(heart):- May be right all the times, but wrong at the first step which made my life a hell for some time!!!

Q. Do you still feel for her??

A.(brain):- Fuck even the thought which has any feeling for her!!!

A.(heart):- Any feeling which i have for her whether it is hate or love is more than what i have for any normal person!!!

These are just the questions regarding which i feel some differences...but i seriously don`t have time to think about it....I am just too happy now even to make these things create any differences in my life!!!


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