Nov 20, 2011

Speaking To Conscience: Part 1

Q: What should I do to protect myself from the troublesome situation?

A:  Let things get to you as they are and see how they shape up. It was never simple and it is not so hard yet. It is just that you feel what you want to feel. Love what you are into and feel how it wants you to feel. 

     Don’t judge, don’t react. Just accept. Accept that the things are not how you want them to be and accept one more thing that things will someday be how you want them to be. 

     Give yourself some time. Talk to yourself as you are doing now and see your reflections around. Find people like you. Talk to them and share with them. Be a help and let them help you. 

     Breathe as slow as you can and sometimes as fast as no one can. Decide for yourself and not for the time. Rule yourself and not the situation. Reverberate with yourself and not with the dilemma you are in. Don’t fight! It won’t help. 

     Don’t be passive as it is the worst thing you could do to yourself. Don’t run away and don’t try to face. There is nothing to face. The only truth around is you and your existence. No one can take it away from you. 

     I know life could have been simpler. I know decisions could have been rational. But then I know one more thing that there is no enthusiasm and agility in something which is simple and known. 

     Love yourself as much as you can and love whatever you have done. Do not repent as you did not do anything wrong. You made some wrong moves, but then that is how we have to be to exist with divine. Take some wrong moves and end the vicious circle. 

    Merge with me and let yourself be free.  

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