Sep 5, 2014

The NEW SUN rises TODAY!

It is really hard to fight them!

They are all around you, looking for a tiny space to enter you and get it all corrupted once and for all.

You are there alone, standing, waiting for the beautiful dawn, but they are quick.

You are still busy with a hope to find it all and they deceive you, dupe you, and start ruling your being!

Those filthy things! They are everywhere!

You hate them, but still you have them. You permit them to eat you up. They feed on you because you feed yourself to them.

You need to come out of it today!

Yes, today is the day. No other day can be better than today!


The One!

The one within me,  That hidden from you, but known to me, Struggling to cast out, Break free! He moves when I am still, H...