Mar 22, 2014


 Don’t laugh at me,
Don’t curse me either,
Don’t you blame me for the calamities!

Don’t fight me,
Don’t disrupt me,
Don’t you ask me for a drop of the peace I have been searching for!

I feel lost sometimes,
Those are the times when I bury myself,
Bury myself under the heap loneliness and scars,
Thinking, did I lose the peace that I first stood up for!

And there you come once again,
Scream, shout, and laugh again,
Ask me the same questions,
And leave me numb, dumb, and rotten!!

I just feel rotten!!!

Mar 17, 2014


I tried to find the faces there,
Faces hiding behind the holy colors,
Were they gray, were they white,
Or, were they as they say, “The darkness glorified”?

I was beating inside,
Trying to link those crisscross lines,
The boundaries ahead and the ones below,
All colored throughout, thoroughly, in a different human flow.

Why don’t they make sense to me?
As, so easily, they make sense to many!
Why don’t they speak to me, group me, or alienate me?
Why don’t they come up as they come for all; love me, hug me, or hit me till I fall!
Why am I so confused?

Till all of them squall:

  “Why do you want us to get colored in that human doubt?
   Why do you want us to flow segregated of all?
    Look at us, we make sense together,
    Together we rise, and together we fall!”


The One!

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