Dec 29, 2008


After hearing a lot about the movie “GHAJINI” I thought why not to write a spoof of it?? So here it goes….

Players: Govinda (with his one pack belly) as SANJAY SINGHANIA

Rakhi Savant (equally irritating as she is in the news channels) as KALPANA



The movie starts with Sanjay waking up in his room and finding his wife Kalpana sleeping by his side. He sees himself in the mirror and is startled to see the cut marks on his head. He was trying to find the answer to this when his wife told him that he was hit by a cycle while crossing the road cause of which he was suffering from short term memory loss and was unable to make new memories. Sanjay with a surprised look on his face goes to the bathroom and takes off his t- shirt to find something written on his belly. The word was “KILL”. He recognized the handwriting. It was his. Even after a lot of perseverance he was unable to remember why he wrote such thing. Suddenly he found a packet in his pocket; it was a pouch of “rat and cockroach killer”. His brain started to function.

Probably this was what he wanted to write. He used to work in a pest control department which threw him out cause of his disease so he might have decided to fight against those ugly creatures by himself.

One more look on his entire body made him realize that he had some other names too written on his hands. The names were like, Sunita and others. He went back to his room and searched for some other clues. In his drawer he found a Polaroid picture of a lady dressed as a maid and on the photograph it was written in his own handwriting, “She will help you achieve your goal, because she also hates parasites.

Sanjay was too scared to go outside and he was feeling really embarrassed. Kids used to tease him for his dome shaped belly and now because of his head being shaved cause of the accident his appearance was nothing less than “HUMPTY DUMPTY”.

To engage himself, he kept on feeding the mice in the nearby gutters with the poison he found in his pocket and was happy to see them die in front of him. After finishing the stuff he returned back home and was beaten by his wife cause of being late. He asked her about Sunita and who she was. Hearing this Kalpana lost her temper and kicked his ass and tore his shirt to find some “mirror image” tattoo on his big fat stomach just above his belly button. She pulled him to the mirror to read what was written. The whole statement which Sanjay was unable to read because of the spherical shape of his belly was,


HAVE TO” on one side and “MY WIFE” on the other. So what he read was “KILL”.

But Kalpana had read it now. This was the end of Sanjay. Words rushed out from his mouth, “BULL SHIT!”

Of! Course, now he was beaten like bull shit by Kalpana. Sunita came for his rescue and after getting ten to fifteen slaps from Kalpana, she told her about the plan she and Sanjay were up to. They wanted to kill Kalpana so that they could move ahead in their relationship. This was why Sanjay carried a “Rat killer” in his pocket so that whenever he gets time, he could add it to Kalpana’s food. He was annoyed by Kalpana as she was having multiple affairs with guys and girls around. Frustrated by this Sanjay fell in love with his house maid Sunita.

To remind himself about the purpose he carried a note like “READ YOUR BELLY THROUGH AND THROUGH”. But that day the note fell into the commode and got flushed and the confusions got created. Sunita came late to work that day and so their indecent ideas were exposed to Kalpana who later on called the police constable- cum- her boy friend to beat the shit out of the two.

Now, Kalpana is happily married to her boy friend.

Sanjay, after being badly beaten by the constable started forgetting things in a second compared to the fifteen minutes which he took to forget things before. He is popularly known as “ONE SECOND SANJAY”, named after “FIVE SECOND SAM” from “FIFTY FIRST DATES”.

Sunita pleaded for mercy and is dating four at a time now, the constable, the judge who relieved her, ONE SECOND SANJAY (for one second in a day!!) and KALPANA!!!




anu said...
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anu said...


super duper hit hai..[:P][:D]

mind blowing........[:D]
fod daala.......[:D]

avsar said...

@ anu...

is it???...:P:P:P

MeAn WaT u SaY... Don SaY n B mEaN !! said...

awesum ji awesum ..

tumne toh u me & hum ko bhi piche kar diya .. :d

keep bringing in mre thoughts sme day smebody vil surely make "SINGHANIA KI KALPANA" ot of dis :p

MeAn WaT u SaY... Don SaY n B mEaN !! said...

OMG !!

story encripted with pictique effects .. amaziiiiiiiiiiiiing ;p

tumne toh amir khan ke abbs ko piche kar diya :d mashaalaaa

avsar said...

@ NIDHI...

THNX... :):)

Manish said...

amit.. mast hai..
specially the picture of the tummy of sanjay.. and the reason he's unable to red.. hillarious..

kahin send karo is script ko..


avsar said...

THNKU BHAIYA!!!!...:):)


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