Jul 3, 2009


Hope you know dear son,

Father loved u all,

Time didn’t allow,

Else had told this,

When you were small…..

Oh my darling little kid,

See the scars now,

These were born before you,

Working in the town….

Does my tummy resemble a belly?

This used to be small,

People called me a skeleton doll,

When I worked to feed you all…..

Baby now I lie here,

Eyes still open wide,

People feel I lasted my breath,

Though till I am undergoing an emotional tide.

Before you bury your dad,

Need to have a promise from all,

The death has given me innocence,

Which birth gave you all,

So promise me my son,

You will grow my memories TALL…

The papa died and the son cried…. That was it all…..

He never heard the dead soul’s mourn,

Remained unaware of his dad’s last call…….

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