Dec 3, 2008


the morning sun,
an empty chair,
an extra cup of tea,
noise which seemed like music,
very familiar footsteps,
her own footsteps...

the burning sun,
an empty chair,
an extra plate,
very familiar silence,
silence which was broken by her own breaths....

the picturesque sunset ,
an empty place,
an extra glass of wine,
very familiar walk,
her own walk by river side....

the darkness of the night,
this time few occupants of the emptiness,
a scent of happiness,
few smiles and few tears,
smiles to share and wipers of tears..

the day ended...
again the loneliness overcame everything,
but the few moments of company inspired her life for yet another day!!!

rasputin/fakir (amit)


MeAn WaT u SaY... Don SaY n B mEaN !! said...

:) gud one !!

zoram said...

nice poem :))

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