Dec 21, 2008



"It's so damn simple.... should I say or shouldn't I? Anyways I will definitely provide you with this secret ingredient. I hope this isn't shared with all. Keep it a secret. OK!

When you lose, you are a winner anyways. People care about two, winners and losers. Winners don't need anyone to care about them and though we losers too don't need anyone around, it is OK to get some sympathy for losing something which was never made for us. Just stop cribbing about your loss and get set go for the thing which will make you a winner too. The thing which you lost can be won sometime later, now something else requires your attention. Find it and flag the point. Become a winner, come back, and win the one you lost too...

What do you say Mr. Fakir?"


" I don't care about loses and wins. God made me a human and that’s enough a reason to rejoice and celebrate life's every moment rather than care about such trifle things!"

They have started it yet again... why don't they realize that finally what they conclude is something very similar to each other!)


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