Sep 27, 2007

"The Reign over me" effect on me!!!

I don`t know probably i am facing the same situation as the character faced there in the serious comments...

I am out of socialising which used to be my strength and the thing i was proud of!
No more...not at all...

Once my dad was like...m scared that u r accompanied with so many people i m scared that probably he will say.....why do u live so alone!!

They say there is a change of 90 degrees in most of us every year but my life has made me take a 360 degree leap!!

Seriously i feel i am done with human effect around me....scared of some stones that people can throw at me anytime!!

This is something which i am not really enjoying!!!!
How can i get over this!!

THIS I CALL...THE REIGN OVER ME effect on me!!!


god please help me in any damn ways to get out of this....


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