Jul 18, 2010


Does it work?

Do we seriously have experienced something before this life?

Does the event in our past life affect this life?

All I can say, after experiencing the past life regression session is that it does make you feel good to be alive and leaves down a lifelong impression about what you were before.

Some episodes do seem to be connected but the life we live now and one that we had lived before appear to be moving in two parallel dimensions. You can feel the attachment but not necessarily guess your connection with it.

Due to the deep down hypnotic sleep, you tend to feel the joy, pain and remorse sometimes even physically. When you wake up from it, your limbs become heavy and if something you had seen made you cry, the tears roll down your eyes.

So what actually happens? Do we sweep down to memory lanes so much that we reach an era which we haven’t even seen in movies?

I was in 1923; people go as far as B.C.

It is not some magic or a trick that the therapist casts on you but it is the pwer of the brain which can even recapture something which you have never felt or thought in your wildest dreams. I am not saying that everything what you see resemble your past, with a rock solid surety, but one thing of which I am sure is that things are not all ‘made up’ by your brain.

Anyways, it depends on how you take everything you experience. If you believe it to be true, it is and if you don’t then it is not.

But ‘past life regression’ is undeniably worth an experience.

Do go for it if you get a chance.

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