Dec 17, 2008


He was sitting beside me, tensed, annoyed and frustrated, trying to get some solutions but not ready to share things with me till I forced him to do so and finally after ignoring most of my perseverance he decided to feel better by vomiting his emotions out to me, the emotions which suggested his loneliness and heart burns, the things which I gauged but after knowing them too wasn’t able to provide solutions to his pains cause after all one has to fight his own pains and agony and so I did the best, sat with him, shared his tears and provided him with some of my smiles which were gathered by my past experiences!!!!!!

This is the longest sentence I can write!!!...:P..(110 words to be precise)


Manish said...

this was nice, and thanks for implementing my suggestions.. :)

and it was about whom, main kya??


avsar said...

arey nahi bhaiya!!!
aise heen likh diya tha bas!!!:D

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