Nov 1, 2008


I am taking this in Indian context for sure!!! I am following Indian Idol since the first season… so I would like to mention some points for the people to follow, while they are attempting to win some such competitions....


1.      After singing bad, make sorry faces in front of the camera so that the viewers start feeling sorry too!!!...:P

2.    If possible relate some sad experiences of your life.     If you have none, MAKE SOME!!!...:P

3.    Sing some songs which have some contributions by the judges in one way or other… example: sing “Talli ho gayi”, if Anu Malik is the judge!!!...:P

4.    Relate some love affairs.. If you don’t have one of yours, make someone else’s yours and relate it in front of the camera!!!!


 After providing yourself with these chief qualities, you can also incorporate some other not so important ones in you, like:


1.      DRESS WELL!!!

If at all possible,

2. YOU CAN ALSO TRY TO SING DUDE!!!!!...LOLZZZ!!!!                 


Aparna said...

That was a very funny post!

so true...the judges in indian idol dont reward true talent but give worth for boguses like these! they also give importance to apperance....have u ever noticed that they select physically atractive people only?

that's y i like sa re ga ma in zee and that ainging show in star plus which recognises true singing talent and doesnt give importance to looks.

anu said...

khe khe khe keh khe

avsar said...

thnku both of you!!!!

(smile... glamour... emotions)


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